Order Controls Released

Order controls got a major upgrade in our latest platform update. Keep reading to learn about all the new improvements!
Ryan Hysmith
Jul 15, 2021

Inside the Option Alpha Platform, you'll notice a new sidebar tab for Orders. This new tab consolidates your order history in one place, including working orders for live trading. This user-friendly view gives you visibility across all of your bots’ orders during the day.

Screenshot highlighting the Orders sidebar

We expanded the functionality of the order screens inside bot positions to include more details about attempted price fills, order status, and improved the presentation of your order history. 

You can select an order to see detailed information, including:

  • Symbol
  • Quantity - number of shares or contracts
  • Instructions - buy-to-open, sell-to-close, etc.
  • Status - opening, canceled, filled 
  • Submitted - timestamp order was sent to your broker
  • SmartPricing - settings used (Normal, Patient, Speedy, Off)
  • Bid/Ask - spread at the time the order was placed
  • Prices - SmartPricing progression attempted or limit price
  • Bot - the bot from which the order originated

Overall, it's a significant upgrade to the existing system with the new pricing controls.

Screenshot highlighting the new order details display

Finally, you'll notice a new button inside a position called Manual Override, which helps you release a position from the bot. 

Remember, you can always manually trade in your brokerage account outside of the bot's visibility, so we gave you the ability to override and "disconnect" trades from your bot when you choose to take over a position’s management.

Screenshot highlighting the close position and manual override buttons

We have multiple Help Center videos highlighting all of the new order controls. Learn how to apply these features to your bots by watching these videos: Position Summary, Order Details, Working Orders, and Manual Override.

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