Scanner and Monitor Ordering Released

New scanner and monitor automation ordering gives you even more customization options for your bots. Check it out!
Ryan Hysmith
Sep 26, 2021
1 min read
Scanner and Monitor Ordering Released

Have you wanted to run scanner and monitor automations in a particular order? Now you can!  

On the Automations tab, you can hover over your scanner and monitor automations and move them into an order for running sequentially.

Screenshot highlighting scanner automation ordering

Scanner and monitor automations run in order from top to bottom. To move an automation higher or lower on the list, simply hover over the automation and click the up or down arrow. 

Scanners and monitors start their sequence simultaneously and work through automations at the same speed.

Screenshot highlighting monitor automation ordering

The ordering difference is likely not noticeable because automations run incredibly fast, but this new feature gives you the ability to order your automations to run in a particular sequence if needed.

For example, if you want to give an automation priority for capital allocation, you could move that automation to the top of your scanner list so it runs first. The first scanner would use available capital appropriately so an open order in the second scanner would not exceed the bot’s max allocation.

The first scanner has priority for execution, capital usage, position limits, etc. Each consecutive scanner reevaluates the bot’s available capital and position limits before sending an order to your broker.

You could use the new ordering feature to check your bot's available capital before moving on to the next scanner automation. For example, your first scanner could check to see if you have $1,000 of available capital before progressing to additional scanners that may open positions.

The new automation ordering feature gives you another layer of flexibility so you can automate your portfolio with precision.

For the latest platform updates, check out the Changelog.

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