Connecting to TDAmeritrade

Connecting your live brokerage account(s) at TDAmeritrade to Option Alpha is easy and secure.

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Can I connect more than one brokerage account?

Yes, you can connect multiple brokerage accounts from the same broker. The accounts just need to be linked through a single login at the brokerage firm. See your broker for how to link accounts.

Can I connect accounts with more than one broker?

Yes, you can connect accounts from multiple brokers. You can even connect multiple brokerage accounts from multiple brokers. See Integrations for a list of compatible brokers.

Does Option Alpha have the ability to move money in my account?

The API call for moving funds is not accessible by Option Alpha. The token generated through the OAuth process for TD Ameritrade’s API has the ability to grant TD Ameritrade access to move funds but only internally. The Move Money scope in the TD Ameritrade account authorization process is not applicable to the Option Alpha platform.