Trading Accounts

You can link compatible trading accounts to the autotrading platform. Plus, you can create a paper trading account.

You can easily connect and manage your trading accounts inside the platform.

From the "Accounts" tab in the Bots homepage, you can connect your brokerage account and manage all account types, including any paper trading accounts.

Accounts tab

To connect a brokerage account, select the "Authorize" button. This sends you to your broker's secure log-in page. Input your account information and select "Log in."

You will immediately be re-directed to the trading accounts page. All your connected and compatible accounts available for autotrading are displayed with their options approval levels.

You can always delete and remove connected accounts from the platform. You can also rename an account, which will only be visible within the Option Alpha platform.

Learn more about connecting to our integrated brokers:

You can connect your Option Alpha account to multiple brokerages, and each broker can have multiple connected accounts. However, you can only use one log-in per broker.

Once your brokerage account(s) are connected to the autotrading platform, you are ready to begin trading.


Can I connect more than one brokerage account?

Yes, you can connect multiple brokerage accounts from the same broker. The accounts just need to be linked through a single login at the brokerage firm. See your broker for how to link accounts.

Can I connect accounts with more than one broker?

Yes, you can connect accounts from multiple brokers. You can even connect multiple brokerage accounts from multiple brokers. See Integrations for a list of compatible brokers.

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