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Connecting to Tradier

Connecting your live brokerage account at Tradier to Option Alpha is easy and secure.

To connect your Tradier account to Option Alpha, go to Settings --> Trading Accounts and select 'Authorize on Tradier.com.'

You will be re-directed to their website to log in using your Tradier username and password.

Connecting to Tradier

Once your accounts are connected you can select your Tradier account when creating a new bot to trade live.

You can authorize one set of credentials (username/password) per broker. You can connect multiple accounts with the same username.


How do I get my free Pro+ upgrade with Tradier?

Simply authorize your Tradier account in Option Alpha to connect the two accounts. Your Option Alpha account will automatically be upgraded to a Pro+ account.

What are the requirements for a 'qualifying' Tradier account?

A qualifying* Tradier Brokerage account has a minimum balance of $2,000 in cash or positions and maintains an active integration between Tradier Brokerage and Option Alpha.

Do I have to do anything to get free commissions with Tradier?

No. Tradier offers commission-free* trading for traders sent through Option Alpha.

Can I connect more than one brokerage account?

Yes, you can connect multiple brokerage accounts from the same broker. The accounts just need to be linked through a single login at the brokerage firm. See your broker for how to link accounts.

Can I connect accounts with more than one broker?

Yes, you can connect accounts from multiple brokers. You can even connect multiple brokerage accounts from multiple brokers. See Integrations for a list of compatible brokers.

Does Option Alpha have the ability to move money in my account?

No. All fund transfers must be initiated through your broker, moving money is not applicable in the Option Alpha platform, and Option Alpha has no visibility into your account balance.

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