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Incompatible Accounts

For your protection and safety, certain account flags at TD Ameritrade are incompatible for safe automated trading. Learn how to make your account compatible.

When you connect your TD Ameritrade account(s) to Option Alpha, you may notice some accounts are labeled as incompatible. This is because certain account flags, “Advanced Features” and “Auto Position Effect,”  are not compatible with Option Alpha.

Accounts with “Advanced Features” or “Auto Position Effect” enabled do not support the strict order rules required for safe automated trading, such as Buy-to-Close (BTC), Sell-to-Close (STC), Buy-to-Open (BTO), and Sell-to-Open (STO).

For your protection and safety, we label any account(s) with Advanced Features or Auto Position Effect enabled as incompatible. Without adherence to strict order rules and trade update events within their API, there are significant risks of “order flipping,” incorrectly referencing positions that no longer exist, and/or unintended interference with existing positions in your account.

*Traders are required to contact the Trade Desk directly at 1-866-839-1100 and request all accounts connected to Option Alpha have Advanced Features and Auto Position Effect turned OFF.

If a previously connected user who had Advanced Features and Auto Position Effect turned off and chose to re-enable those account settings, is accepting all risks and liabilities associated with the possibility of strict order rules being ignored, including but not limited to potential order flipping.

The instructions below demonstrate how to remove Advanced Features and Auto-Position Effect from your accounts.

Checking for Advanced Features & Auto Position Effect

Option Alpha automatically checks for Advanced Features and Auto Position Effect settings when you authorize your TD Ameritrade user ID. Accounts with either setting enabled will automatically filter into a list labeled “Incompatible Accounts,” and your bots will not be able to use those accounts.

Screenshot highlighting incompatible accounts notice.

After removing Advanced Features and Auto Position Effect from your account (which typically takes 24 hours), you may repeat the process to authorize your user id in Trading Accounts in the “Settings” section of the Option Alpha app. The accounts will then be available for bot use.

Disabling Incompatible Account Settings

To disable Advanced Features or Auto Position Effect, you have two options:

  • Contact TD Ameritrade support by phone at 1-866-839-1100. When speaking to a representative, tell support you want Advanced Features and Auto Position Effect removed from your account. In 24 hours, your account will reflect the change.
  • Contact TD Ameritrade by accessing the "Chat" feature on their Homepage or the Support feature on your trading application. You will need to request the removal of "Advanced Features" and “Auto Position Effect.”


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