Bearish Options Strategies

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Bearish Options Strategies

Declining markets and higher IV gives traders like you an amazing opportunity to sell expensive options that can quickly decay in value and produce a profit. It's this ability to profit when stocks are falling that gives options traders a superior edge in the financial markets.

This truth is that great traders make the vast majority of their money when markets are falling. In this module, we'll cover our favorite strategies to profit from bearish markets with credit spreads, naked options, etc. Learning how to make money in down markets is a critical component to your long-term success rate.

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"Thanks for the daily videos Kirk. It’s great to see your methodology and mindset behind why you do what you do. It is very much appreciated and helps me understand what to look for in a trade as well as how to manage my trades. The new PRO membership is legitimately a game-changer for my finances."

- Aaron Jones (Seattle)

"Being relatively new to trading, I need to get the basic understanding down before I can even begin to develop my own trading style. I am trading some of Kirk's trades and tracking all of them, learning from a doer not just a talker. Thanks for everything!"

- Fred Geschwill (Woodburn)

"I've made several successful, standard option calls before but now I realized luck was on my side. I'm looking for safer, options strategies for monthly income, as you so well demonstrated and it’s been generating exactly the type of income I'm looking to make - amazing."

- David Deutsch (Buenos Aires)

"Fairly new to the membership area but not new to options trading by any means. I joined about 8 months ago in November and it has been very profitable so far. Thanks for the great work!"

- Dan Neumeyer (Perrysburg)

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