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Daily Symbol Limit Error

The “daily symbol limit” error occurs when a bot attempts to reference more than 10 symbols in a single trading day.

You will receive an error if a bot has more than 10 symbols, regardless of whether those symbols are referenced in a scanner, monitor, or event automation.

So, whether opening new positions, analyzing conditions, monitoring existing positions, or using a symbol as a custom input, the bot has a maximum allowance of 10 ticker symbols.

If you have more than 10 symbols, an error will generate, the automation will stop, and you'll receive a notification that the bot has exceeded its symbol limit. This safeguard upholds the stability of the platform for all users.

The bot references symbols at the beginning of the trading day. If you have 10 symbols assigned to a bot when the market opens, you must wait until after hours to change symbols to avoid the error. You can always add and replace symbols until you reach the limit.


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