Excessive Errors Failsafe

The “excessive errors” failsafe occurs when a bot encounters ten errors in one day. Here is what you need to know about excessive errors.

Bots have safeguards and limits that alert you when your automations encounter errors. 

The “excessive errors” failsafe is a protection that automatically turns off all automations if a bot encounters ten errors in one day. When a bot hits its 10th automation error in one day, the bot automatically turns off.

Screenshot highlighting the excessive errors failsafe alert

You can view the error that triggered the alert by clicking “automation errors” in the bot dashboard’s activity summary. Errors are also displayed in the Bot Log.

Screenshot highlighting the activity section with automation errors listed.

If a bot hits the ten error limit in one day, you can always turn the bot back on and resume automations. However, if the bot encounters another error on the same day, the bot will turn off again for excessive errors. The excessive error count resets the next trading day.

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Can I turn automations back on if my bot hits the excessive errors limit?

Yes, once the errors are addressed and corrected, you can turn the bot back on and resume automations.

Why does my bot turn back off for one additional error in the same day?

Because your bot is over the daily limit of ten errors, the bot will continue to turn off if additional errors occur on the same day until the error is resolved.

Do the excessive errors limits reset each day?

Yes, the excessive error limit resets at the end of the day.

Are excessive errors for each bot or the account as a whole?

Excessive errors are counted for each bot.

How does an error in one scanner automation impact other scanner automations?

If a bot encounters an error in a scanner automation, the remaining scanners in the bot's queue will also stop. For example, if a bot has three scanner automations and an error occurs in the first scanner automation, then the bot stops at the error and scanners two and three will not run during that automation interval.

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