Missing Input Error

The “missing input” or “invalid value” error occurs when a required input field is not assigned inside the automation. Here is what you need to know about missing input errors.
Missing Input Error
Steve Henry
May 12, 2021

Bots have safeguards and limits that  alert you when an automation encounters an error. 

The “missing input” or “invalid value” error occurs when a required input field is not assigned inside the automation. This safeguard in the platform requires you to manually fill out certain fields to ensure that you are properly communicating what you want the bot to perform.


Error messages are displayed in the notifications.

Screenshot highlighting the location of the notification icon

Notifications display all activity within a bot, including any errors an automation has encountered. The text in the message provides a brief description of what values are missing from the automation. 

Screenshot of the notification display of bot activity

Bot log

Error messages can also be accessed in the bot log. The bot log shows your bot's automation activity. Automations that encountered an error will be displayed in the bot log with a red circle and an explanation of why the bot discontinued the automation, including the missing inputs or invalid values.

Screenshot highlighting input errors displayed on the bot log

You can hover the mouse over the message in the log to see a complete list of errors.

Screenshot highlighting the hover display message on the bot log

Fixing input errors

To fix the error, select the automation with the missing input or invalid value, and select the gear icon to access the automation settings.

Screenshot highlighting the automation setting gear icon

You can identify the missing or invalid input in the automation settings and make the necessary changes by filling in the missing field.

Screenshot highlighting the field missing an input in the automation settings

Default values

To avoid missing input errors, you can create default values. You can set default values and custom inputs inside an automation. Choose an automation and select the title at the top of the page. 

Screenshot of the automation editor display

This will display the list of input. You can set a default value for any of the inputs to avoid the error if you reuse the automation. You can always edit the value in the future.

Screenshot highlighting the list of inputs in the automation

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What is an "input" and do I have to use them?

An input a variable that allows for customization across different scanners and monitors. You do not have to use them, though it is recommended when you anticipate modification and duplication of a certain scanner or monitor.

Should I always double-check any custom inputs I'm using before turning automations on?

Yes, this is considered a best practice.

How can I see what input is missing?

When troubleshooting an input error you should work your way through your decision tree and check to make sure everything is connected properly. You can also utilize the test function when building to ensure things are working correctly.

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