Missing or Invalid Input Error

The “missing input” or “invalid value” error occurs when a required input field is not assigned inside the automation.

Bots have safeguards and limits that alert you when an automation encounters an error. 

The “missing input” or “invalid value” error occurs when you have not assigned a required input field inside an automation. You must manually input specific fields inside the automation editor, such as the ticker symbol.

Variable fields in automation editor

You can also use custom inputs for certain variable fields.

Adding a custom input

We recommend setting a default value to avoid the "missing input" error.

Add input default value

For example, if you use a custom input for a ticker symbol, you could assign SPY as the default ticker symbol. You can always change the value in the future.

If you do not add a default value, you must manually enter it when the automation runs.

Empt input field

If you run the automation without assigning a value to the custom input, you will receive an input error in the bot log.

Bot log error

Select the automation in the Automations tab and assign a value to the custom input to fix the error.

Assign custom input field

The same automation now runs without an issue. You can always view an automation’s inputs by hovering over the “i” icon in the bot log or Automations tab.

Custom inputs information
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What is a custom input and do I have to use them?

Custom inputs are variable fields you can use in decision recipes across different automatons in a bot. You don't have to use custom inputs, but they are an efficient tool and make your bots more dynamic.

Should I always double-check any custom inputs I'm using before turning automations on?

Yes, this is considered a best practice.

How can I see what input is missing?

Automations that encountered an error are displayed in the bot log with a red circle and an explanation of why the bot discontinued the automation, including the missing inputs or invalid values.

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