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Missing or Invalid Input Error

The “missing input” or “invalid value” error occurs when a required input field is not assigned inside the automation.

When an automation encounters an input with a missing value or an input that is incorrectly linked, an error alerts you that this input has an invalid, or missing, value.

The most common example of this is when inputs are established outside of a Symbol Loop or Position Loop. Each loop supplies a default input for its position or symbol, which is intended to be used throughout the automation when referencing symbol or position, so the two are connected.

If a symbol or position input is used in place of the Loops default action input when the automation processes, it encounters a position or symbol that does not stem from the loop and can not validate.

In other words, the position or symbol it is referencing is not valid because it is not married to the loop.

When building automations that utilize a position or symbol loop, it's important to remember to establish your Loop before the other decisions and then link any symbol or position value to the default action that is supplied with the loop.


What is a custom input and do I have to use them?

Custom inputs are variable fields you can use in decision recipes across different automatons in a bot. You don't have to use custom inputs, but they are an efficient tool and make your bots more dynamic.

Should I always double-check any custom inputs I'm using before turning automations on?

Yes, this is considered a best practice.

How can I see what input is missing?

Automations that encountered an error are displayed in the bot log with a red circle and an explanation of why the bot discontinued the automation, including the missing inputs or invalid values.

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