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Invalid Authorization Error

You'll receive an Invalid Authorization Error if you change your broker credentials after authorizing an account.

Each broker associated with your Option Alpha account can have only one set of credentials authorized. These credentials provide access to the accounts linked to that username and password.

If you change your brokerage account settings, password, or authorize a new set of credentials after authorizing an account, the existing authorization will become invalid.

If an account is no longer authorized, any attempts to trade in that account will result in an "Invalid Authorization" error. To avoid this error, it's crucial to authorize only one primary set of credentials. If any changes are made to the connected brokerage account, you must reauthorize the connection on Option Alpha.

If you plan to use multiple accounts at your brokerage, you must contact their support team and group them under one username login. You should then exclusively use this username to avoid any authorization-related errors


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