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Using Inputs

Inputs are dynamic tools that give you added flexibility with variables. Discover the many ways you can leverage the power of inputs in your bots and automations.


Why should I use custom inputs in my automations or bots?

Custom inputs are one of the most dynamic and efficient tools available in the autotrading platform. Custom inputs can be created, edited, and added to any automation in your portfolio to give you added flexibility when building a bot.

Custom inputs are most useful when duplicating an automation with multiple variables. 

For example, using a custom input for a symbol gives you the ability to reuse an automation and only modify the ticker symbol.

Should I use custom inputs entered at the automation level or the bot level, and what's the difference?

Bot-level inputs are advanced functionality used to send the custom input fields created in an automation to the bot level for higher control and more flexibility.

With bot-level inputs, any input can be edited in the bot settings when you create or clone a new bot. The benefit of using bot-level inputs is all decisions will be transferred to any automation using the input in that bot.

How many custom inputs can I have in my automations or bots?

There is no limit to the number of custom inputs you can use.

Where can I see what inputs are being used in my automation or bot?

If you use bot-level inputs, simply click on the gear icon for your bot and go to the settings menu.

If your input variables are at the automation level, you can hover over the “i” icon, and it will show you the input variables.

The left side of the automation editor also displays the custom inputs used in the automation.

How can I change the value or field of a "custom input"?

If the input is at the bot level, click on the gear icon for your bot, select “Settings,” and you’ll see the different inputs you can modify.

If your variable inputs are at the automation level, in the Automations tab, hover over your automation and click the “i” icon to edit the input variables.

If I change the custom input for one automation will that change be reflected in another automation?

If the input you are changing is a custom variable input, the change will only be reflected in this specific use of the automation.

Can I see the actual reading and value of automation actions and decisions and compare that to my custom input?

Yes, to see every step that your bot makes, simply click on the Bot Log tab, select the automation, and it will expand to show you all of the actions your bot took at that specific time. You can then click on each decision step to see the results of that particular step.

Can I change the custom inputs to an automation after the bot has already been running?

Yes, you may modify your custom inputs at any time.

Do custom inputs get saved when creating or updating a bot template?

Yes, custom inputs are saved after every update.

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