Templates and Cloning

With bot templates and bot cloning, you can easily reuse and share trading strategies with the click of a button.

Creating bot clones and templates in the Option Alpha autotrading platform enables you to quickly and easily reuse and share entire trading strategies. You can clone your own bots or bots shared in the Community. With clones, you can immediately create a bot, edit its settings, and add it to your portfolio.

Cloning an existing bot

A clone creates a copy of an existing bot.

To clone a bot from your portfolio, click on the gear icon and select “Clone Bot.”

Clone bot in settings icon
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Cloning a bot is like creating a new bot. You can rename the bot and change the icon, adjust position or allocation limits, select an account, add or remove tags, and set default values for any bot-level inputs.

Clone settings

All automations and custom inputs are automatically transferred to the clone. You can alway edit an automation.

By default, the bot is turned off when the bot is cloned. Simply toggle to “On” when you are ready for the new bot to be active.

New cloned bot turned on
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Cloning is an efficient way to take the framework of a bot and instantly replicate and modify its settings without creating anew bot from scratch. 

Creating a new template

Templates enable you to save and reuse a bot in the future, where it can be easily cloned, modified, and added to your portfolio.

Save as template in settings ion
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You can save the template as a New Template, or update an existing template and override the old one with a new version.

Saving a template

Templates are a great way to memorialize a trading strategy and share it with other traders. Template automations can be viewed, but not edited; you can clone a template to create a bot and edit the automations.

Completed template
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You can always see when a template was most recently updated, the version history, and how many times it has been cloned. You can also add private notes to a template that won't be seen if you share the template.

Template library

Templates are automatically saved to you library. You can access your saved templates from the bot homepage. You can also find more templates shared in the Community.

Templates library
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The Community's "Templates" section is a collection of all bot templates shared by Option Alpha traders.

You can filter through all the templates using four categories.

Community templates

Shared templates include a bot description and a list of all the bot's automations.

Shared bot template details

You can instantly clone shared templates, edit the settings or automations, and add them to your bot portfolio.

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How can I keep track of all my bots in an organized way?

We suggest naming your bots with a detailed description so you can quickly identify their objective. You can also personalize your bots with icons and colors.

What is the difference between a template and a clone?

Templates allow you to save, edit, and reuse strategies. You can reuse the framework of a trading strategy with a template.

Cloning replicates a bot so you can immediately add it to your portfolio and modify its settings. You can clone a template.

Do templates store any trade history in them?

No. Templates have a description and show all automations used in the bot, but they do not show the bot’s trading history.

When would I save a template as a new template vs. updating an existing template?

If you update an existing template with modifications and no longer want the original, you should use the "update" functionality. 

If you want to keep your original template intact and now have a second template with some minor modifications, use the "new" template function.

What should I put in the short description field of a new template?

You should put a brief general description of this template's functionality in this field. If you share the template in the Community, other members can read the description, so it is a good idea to provide a detailed description of the bot’s objective.

How do I share a bot privately with a friend or group of friends?

You can send a private message to Community members and attach a template or automation. 

Select the envelope icon in the top right corner of the platform to send private messages. Select the template you want to share from the bottom of the message page to attach the template. 

Where can I see bot templates people have shared in the Community?

To see templates shared by other traders in the Community, simply click on the Community tab and select “Templates” in the Collections column on the left. You can view the templates people have shared, and if you click on an individual’s name, you can see all of the templates they have shared.

Should I automatically clone and start running bot templates I find in the Community with real money?

We suggest you paper trade all cloned bots in your paper trading account before trading live capital to ensure you understand exactly how the bot will work.

How do I see the automations inside a bot template that someone shared?

When you select a template shared in the Community, all of its automations are listed, along with a brief description of the bot. You can click on any automation to see its details.

Can I delete templates and clones that I've created in the past that I no longer want?

Yes. To delete a bot click the gear icon and select "Delete." Be aware that if your bot has open positions, you must manage them manually after the bot has been deleted.

What does it mean when I clone a template someone shared?

Cloning a template turns the strategy into a bot. When you clone a template, you can modify its global settings.

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