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Bot Logs

Bot logs display your bot's detailed automation history and provide insight into its actions. Learn how to use bot logs to view your bot's activity and identify any errors or warnings it may have encountered.


Where can I see exactly what my bot is doing?

The bot log displays all bot activity. The log is located in the bot’s dashboard.

Where can I see if there are potential errors or issues with a bot?

The bot log allows you to view all errors a bot has encountered. 

Positions that could not be opened because of an error are listed in the Active Positions section of the Position Statement. You can select the position to view the error and cancel the position.

Errors are displayed as a notification as well.

You can always test an automation to see if it will encounter any errors.

Why does the bot log show multiple records for the same timeframe during the day?

The bot log displays all automation activity. Bots can have more than one scanner and monitor automations running, so it is possible to have multiple automations run simultaneously at each scheduled interval. 

What does the number in the Actions column represent?

The Actions column displays the steps that your automation completed before ending. So, if your automation has six decision actions before opening a position and the Actions tab shows three, it means the automation ended after the third action.

Why do some log entries have an "i?”

The "i" stands for inputs. Not all automations have inputs. You can hover over the “i” to see all inputs used in the automation.

Can I filter my bot logs only to show certain types of automations?

Yes, you can filter for all automation types and errors.

How can I see the decisions a bot made inside an automation?

Select an automation in the bot log to view all of its actions. You can click on each decision to see more details.

If I manually open or close a position, does it still show in the bot log?

Yes, manually or automated, all positions opened in a bot are displayed in the Bot Log. However, the bot log will not show positions opened in your brokerage account.

Can I export my bot log?


Why are there red "Error" messages in my log?

Errors can appear in your log when allocation or position limits are triggered.

How can I see why I have an "Error" message in my log?

To see error details, click on the line containing the error, and a more detailed screen will appear that shows the step-by-step progress the bot automation went through, exactly where it failed, and why.

Will I get notified if there are "Errors" in my bot log?

Any error notifications will show up in your log, and you will also be alerted in your notifications. The Activity section of the bot dashboard also displays erors.

How can I see what positions a repeater cycled through?

Select a monitor automation in the bot log, and you can toggle between all positions referenced in the repeater.

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