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Decision actions allow bots to conditionally follow yes/no paths inside an automation. Learn how decision recipes reference different market, positions, and opportunity criteria.


Can I pull in custom data or indicators to make decisions?

At this point, we do not offer a connection to any third-party data sources. However, this may change in the future, and we will update the Community.

Should I lump various decision criteria together in one step or keep them separate?

It is up to you to determine how many criteria you want in a single decision action. We suggest keeping each decision separate initially so that you can see the precise place that the automation does or does not meet specific criteria, and you can adjust accordingly.

How can I see exactly what my bot is doing and understand where it stops in its process?

The Bot Log displays all actions taken by a bot, and you can select each time an automation ran. You can filter for errors to see where an automation encounters an issue.

Do decision actions always follow a "Yes/No" outcome logic?

Yes, every step a bot takes will result in a yes or no answer.

Can you nest or group decisions together inside one action block?

Yes, you can group multiple decisions into one action. Grouping decisions together forces the bot to evaluate multiple criteria simultaneously to produce an outcome.

Can you use "And/Or" decisions inside of an automation?

Yes, multiple and/or decisions can be built inside a single bot step and nested in almost any way you might imagine. 

Can you combine different types of decision recipes into one single decision action block?

Yes, you can combine multiple decision recipes into a single step.

What are the pros and cons of grouping decision recipes into a single action?

Grouping decisions together enables the bot to evaluate multiple indicators simultaneously. The functionality splits the decision-making process into two steps and forces the bot to evaluate market conditions in the order you define.

Grouping decisions is efficient when you want to ensure multiple criteria are true and you want them referenced in a single action. Combining recipes can be especially useful if many decisions are grouped together because it forces the bot to verify multiple market conditions before proceeding through the automation.

How do you edit or update one of the decision recipes inside an automation?

You can edit automations and decision recipes in the Automations tab. Simply select an automation to access the editor. 

Please note that anytime you make a change to an automation, that change will be reflected in every single use of that specific automation, so if you only want to change it in one bot, you should create a copy of the automation and rename it prior to making and saving your changes.

Can you precede any action inside an automation with a decision or set of decisions?

Yes. In the automation editor, hover over a decision and click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the step you would like to precede and select “Precede with.“ This opens a new recipe area for you to populate. 

Do you have to end each branch of a decision action with another action, or can it just end and stop the automation?

Any specific branch of a recipe can simply end with no specific action.

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