Bullish Options Strategies
In this module, we'll show you how to create specific strategies that profit from up trending markets, including low IV strategies like calendars, diagonals, covered calls, and directional debit spreads.
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Synthetic Long Stock

To create a long synthetic stock position, you simply buy an ATM call option and sell an ATM put option at the same strike price. This creates a bullish position with much less capital than owning stock.
Synthetic Long Stock
Kirk Du Plessis
Apr 19, 2021

Since we know that owning and holding long stock is capital intensive, today we'll show you how you can use options as a way to go synthetically long a stock with a fraction of the capital requirement. This can be a huge advantage (if used wisely) when trading covered calls or when using stock to hedge a current options position.

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Bullish Debit Spread or Credit Spread?
If you are bullish and want to trade an option spread strategy, implied volatility is the main factor when deciding between bull call debit spreads and bull put credit spreads.

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