Why Does it Have to be Complicated?

There is no reason to make options trading more complicated than it needs to be. A simple, structured, repeatable process will allow you to be successful in this business.
Why Does it Have to be Complicated?
Kirk Du Plessis
Apr 7, 2021

What we present here at Option Alpha is a straight-forward approach to options trading that is systematized. Sure there will be tweaks along the way, but this is not a complicated business even if most media outlets will lead you to believe it is. It comes down to making small trades at high probabilities with the right strategy to fit the market situation. That's it.

For something to be powerful and profitable it doesn't have to be complicated. Yet more often than not when I present this system to new traders (and even experienced trades) they believe that making money with options must mean some crazy system and thousands of indicators. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the details. We have a lot of content and tutorials inside this platform and there is always something to learn, but at its core, options trading isn't as hard as you might assume.

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The key to long-term consistency and profitability trading options is to make many high probability trades as systematically as possible. A consistent high-volume approach is the best way to improve your odds of success.

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