One-2-One Personal Coaching

Need extra help? My personal coaching program has been specifically designed give you exactly what you need and help elevate you to the next level in your trading. A no hold ‘em blend of education, practice, and feedback all geared to get you to the next level. Have more questions? Checkout this short video I did to explain my coaching process.

Schedule My Coaching Session ($400/Hour)

Do I Really Need A Personal Trading Coach?

No, you don’t. You can keep trying to figure it out yourself and we have tons of information right here at Option Alpha to help you do just that. With video tutorials and courses there is plenty to learn and content to consume on your own time.

But, just like a personal trainer can help you stay on track with your fitness goals, a coach can help you reach toward your financial goals more quickly. Coaching is meant to be an acceleration of your learning curve. I have coached and mentored more than 210+ students in the last 7 years, and continue to do so on a weekly basis.

Take Me Through The Logistics?

Once you submit payment in advance we'll schedule our 1-hour coaching session using Join.Me web conferencing software which I pay for on my end. This is a world-class web meeting software that allows you to see my live trading screen right from your own computer and I can even see your screen if you need to show me something.

Your coaching session will have a unique meeting code and phone number that you can call into so that we can talk to one another while we are looking at live charts and trades. I will be practically sitting down side-by-side with you going through charts, indicators, scans, and much more!

Can I Get The Session Recorded?

Yep! All our sessions are recorded in high quality HD audio and video so you can go back and review them as many times as you want in the future. Typically within 48 hours of our coaching session I will send you a secure video link file that only you will have access to going forward. We do not share or post these private coaching sessions anywhere for obvious reasons.

What Topics or Concepts Will We Cover During Our Call?

This is "personal coaching" so nothing is scripted in advanced as to topics we are going to cover - it's all customized for you. Every person is different in what kind of needs they have which is why I want to make it as flexible and personal as possible. Depending on your current history and experience you might need more help with credit spreads vs. iron condors or trade sizing and allocation.

That said, I’ll help you craft an effective personalized coaching session as well as formulate some of the foundational trading rules to follow that are specific to you. This way we both maximize our time together and get you to the next level much faster.

For many of my students success has been the ability to finally know why and how to place smarter option trades without my help. To quote a famous phrase, “I want to show you how to fish for your own food.”

Are There Discounts For Multiple Coaching Sessions?

No. My hourly rate is fixed purely for ease of accounting purposes on my end. As a side note: over the last 7 years my rate has steadily gone from $50/hr to $400/hr. During this time I have continued to keep a full calendar of students. That said, anyone who signs up now will be locked in at the same rate in the future when I increase my hourly rate again.

Let's Go! What’s The Next Step?

If you want to ask more questions but aren’t sure where to start, shoot me an email and let’s email about everything first. As I usually find, most people know they need help but just don’t know where to start.

If you think you might be ready to start moving forward, the next step is for you to book a 1-hour session using the button at the top of this page or you can schedule a session using this link.

After I get confirmation of payment I will reach out to you within 24 hours to set up our coaching session (typically within the next 7 days) and hit the grounding running!