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Earnings Announcement Calendar

We'll quickly show you how to find out when are particular company like BBY will announce earnings. Filtering through the large universe of stocks is very hard but we'll show you how to make it much much easier. One way to save time during earnings season is to filter though a list of possible companies you want to trade and print out a physical calendar for your desk to reference. I just started doing this and it’s allowed more to focus on planning in advance for new trades.

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In today's take-5 segment, I want to take just a couple of minutes and show you guys how to find out when a company is going to either announce earnings or a dividend or maybe a possible split in the stock price.

I think it's really important obviously to have that market awareness. And sometimes, it can be hard to find out when a particular stock that you’re trading or an options strategy that you’re trading might be affected by something like dividends or earnings.

Here inside the Thinkorswim platform, there is a nice little calendar that they have in the “market watch” section, and this is usually what you see when you log in. This is the entire month of August right now, and we can go…

I don’t know why it’s in August, but we can go to November because that’s the current month that we’re in. This is the entire month of November, and you can see there’s just a ton of announcements that are coming up, and we’ve got not only dividends over here, but earnings and then the conference calls, possible splits in the stock, so there’s a lot here.

Now, you obviously can click on one particular day and see all of the earnings announcements for that day. Like I clicked on today the 21st which is today, and you can see all the different events that we have.

ANN (whoever that is) is announcing earnings, and that’s before the bell. You can then go through here and see if there are any stocks that you have that possibly have earnings, but that can be a little bit confusing because then you got to go through all of the different days and you don’t know when the stock is going to announce earnings.

One of the cool tricks that you can do is go up here into the top left-hand corner of the screen and type in a ticker symbol like BBY. And I know that Best Buy just announced earnings.

You can see that it now filters it down and just highlights only that stock and only the events that are related to that stock. Now, you know that Best Buy not only has earnings, but it has the conference call that accompanies earnings on the 20th which was just yesterday, so a very, very easy way to find that.

Now, another way that you can do it is if you are actually on the “Charts” tab. You can enable the earnings announcements to pop up on the charts. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is go into the chart settings and what you want to do is you want to find where it says “to show the actual…”

And now I can’t find it here. I just want to make sure equities. There we go, “corporate actions.” You’re going to go into the chart settings, and all you’re going to do is go to “equities” because it’s going to be the actual stock and you’re going to click “show corporate actions.”

What this will do is this will show any action. Down here at the bottom of the screen, it will show all of those little blue or red or green symbols which designate that this is some corporate action, whether a dividend or earnings, whatever the case is.

Now, you’ll need to double check it if you have a very big position or you have a big trade on. You want to double check it and just maybe go to the website of the company and double check that these figures are right.

Sometimes Thinkorswim has been known to have wrong dates that are reported. I know that we got into a trade in BIDU and the day changed and it wasn’t reflected in the platform.

We learned a lesson there, but hopefully, this 5-minute video and less will help you guys in the future with figuring out when a company announces earnings. As always, if you guys have any comments or questions, please ask them right below. And until next time, happy trading!

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