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Diversify Across Options Strategies

When you start to trade more often and with more positions, diversifying across different strategies become important. And while we want to focus on premium selling strategies we don't want to be a "1-trick" pony.

Ideally each month we'd love to have strategies that profit from all types of market moves; call calendars, put calendars, iron condors, strangles, etc. This gives us an opportunity each week to hopefully close some sort of profitable position.

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  • Andrew

    Hey Kirk,

    This is great (as always). Any quick direction on how to setup the position statement to group by type of trade as you have it? I’ve been able to get close to it, but the platform is still grouping all “Verticals” together rather than credit spreads vs. debit spreads, etc.

    • Sure in the top right and corner of the position statement you want to group by trade and group by “none” which will allow you to create your own names for groups.

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