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Long-Term Consistency

Consistency is like a marriage, over time it gets better and more solidified. Today I want to show you with hard facts why the longer you trade the more "consistent" you'll become.

Using probabilities and a simple roll of the dice example looking for the combinations that get us to a total of 7 showing, you'll see why our odds improve as we make more rolls.

In trading, this means you have to make lots of high probability trades in order to ever get close to reaching your desired level of "consistency".

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  • William Stockholm


    I could not help but think about playing craps when you
    discussed the probability scale with the dice. Not that I play it, but I
    have a buddy I’ve watched a couple of times that does. Given your
    explanation utilizing dice, I now see why 7 is the number that you “crap
    out” on. The casino has better odds with that number. Of course, I
    see where this applies to option trading as well. Enjoyed the lecture;


    • Yep and isn’t it funny that they call it “crap out” haha

  • Thor

    I will be consistent all I need to do is figure out how to make the highest probability trades.

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