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Why Does It Have To Be Complicated?

What we present here at Option Alpha and inside this membership area is a straight-forward approach to options trading that is systematized.

Sure there will be tweaks along the way but this is not a complicated business although most media outlets will lead you to believe it is. It comes down to making small trades, at high probabilities with the right strategy to fit the market situation. That's it.

For something to be powerful and profitable it doesn't have to be complicated. Yet more often than not when I present this system to new traders (and even experienced trades) they believe that making money with options must mean come crazy system and thousands of indicators.

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the details. We have a lot of content and tutorials inside this platform and there is always something to learn but at it's core options trading isn't as hard as you might assume.

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  • I think it’s a lottery bet that long-term isn’t a viable strategy (just my opinion).

  • Lots of things – namely we’ve been around before they even registered their domain name and have been talking about all this stuff before them – we just didn’t have the $85mil funding to push our message as fast as they could. I differ a lot of position size, use of technicals, etc.

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