Kirk Du Plessis, Option Alpha Head Trader

Still confused about which stocks to trade or which options strategies to use...

Be honest...How would you describe your options trading system?

Disorganized? Underperforming? Non-existent? What system?

Well if you said anything other than, “A well oiled machine,” you’ve come to the right place.

When I broke ground nearly 10 years ago on Option Alpha, I was already generating a full-time income from trading. But I was continuously frustrated by the lack of quality, data-driven technology, and trading tools available for both new and experienced traders.

So, I set out to create the most valuable software platform available to options traders. It took nearly 2 years of non-stop development, testing, and improvements and cost me over $65,000 in raw options data, servers, hosting, and man hours. But with your feedback and guidance, we've developed game-changing software and tools to help you find success easier than ever before.

What used to take days, or even weeks, of your time to research and analyze the profitability of an options strategy, our toolbox can get done in less than 18 seconds. That's no just some hyped up time frame - you can legitimately run a complete backtest in less time than it takes to read the latest Facebook post from a friend.

My goal is to "pull back the curtain" and give you as much education and software as possible in all the right areas so that you can learn to make decisions for yourself. Because at the end of the day you have the capacity to do this on your own - you just need a little help getting there.

So, if you want a complete set of trading tools to help you scan, backtest and optimize your trades that's based on real data and not theory, the all new Trader's Toolbox is for you. With our training you can finally say goodbye to unorganized, blind investing and start learning a fresh approach to high probability trading that actually helps you earn consistent income.

See you on the inside!

Choose The Package That Works Best For You

Our options trading Toolbox software is the essential "add-on" for any membership level here at Option Alpha. Unlock access today!

What's Included?

Lifetime Access & Software Updates

Watch List Scanning & Filtering Software

Live Weekly Earnings Calendar

Options Strategy Backtesting Software

Run Unlimited Option Strategy Backtests

Real-Time Trade Optimization Software

Looking for the rare breed of a service provider who under-promises and over-delivers? Well, you've found it here with Kirk and team. Actually, I need to amend that. Option Alpha promises big things and then delivers."

~ Bruce Benton, Dallas (Member Since June 2015)



One-Time Investment




One-Time Investment


The Trader's Toolbox Helps You Find & Setup The "Perfect" Trade Every Time

Say goodbye to blind guesswork, and hello to a data-driven and probability focused trading solution anyone can follow.

Tool #1: Pre-Screened Watch List

Cut Your Daily Stock Scanning Time By 90% & Filter For The Best Tickers Effortlessly

Filter Tickers

Quickly toggle filters for ETFs, High IV and Up-Coming Earnings.

Ranking Triggers

Rank the filtered results by highest IV, % price change or stock price.

Strategy Suggestions

See which options strategies might work best to start backtesting.

Expected Ranges

We'll calculate expected probability ranges every day for you.

Tool #2: Customized Options Backtester

Backtest An Entire Options Strategy Before Putting Your Hard-Earned Money At Risk

Select Strategy

Choose which option strategy you want to start backtesting.

Trade Frequency

Test how often you'd like the system to look for and make new trades.

Choose Underlying

Pick from a huge list of liquid tickers, both ETFs and stocks.

Keep Moving

Once you've setup the overall strategy, you'll customize the trade below.

Targeted Timeline

Use the slider to set the targeted days until expiration.

Volatility Filters

Set pre-determined implied volatility filters for new trade entries.

Setup Portfolio

Start with different portfolio values and trade allocation preferences.

Profit/Loss Triggers

Tell the software when you want to exit early for profits or stop-losses.

Instant Clarity

Running a backtest takes milliseconds to complete and post the results.

Performance Metrics

See the most important performance metrics right away at the top.

Portfolio Growth

Accurate portfolio growth chart shows how the equity curve changed over time.

Market Comparison

Clearly see if the backtested strategy outperformed the S&P 500 or not.

Win Rates

You'll know exactly how often your strategy produced a profit.

Max Drawdown

Equally as important you'll know why type of drawdown to expect.

Selective Metrics

Daily profitability per contract, holding times, and monthly returns.

Complete Analysis

Look, we'll give you all the metrics you need to make smarter trading decisions.

Tool #3: Live Trade Optimizer

Run Real-World Optimization Data On The Best Setups For The Current Market Conditions

Optimization Factor

Choose which type of performance metric you want to optimize for.

Account Filtering

We can even filter to show you the best trades for your brokerage account type.

Expiration Timeline

Tell the system how which expiration contracts or date you're looking at.

Current Volatility

Input the current implied volatility level of the stock before running optimizer.

Best Settings

You'll instantly see which option strategies work best for today's market.

Optimized Sorting

Re-sort the list of top strategies by any performance metric you want.

Detailed Setup

Software tells you exactly how to setup the trade, step-by-step in one place.

Payoff Visual

Quick strategy payoff diagrams helps reinforce the potential profit zone.

The Biggest Investors Are Already Using Data-Driven Software To Profitable Trade Options

To put it bluntly, the smartest investors in the world are already doing this stuff - they just don't openly talk about it unless directly asked.

"Bridgewater Associates and Point72 Asset Management, run by big Wall Street names... have been quietly trading data-centric systems to identify and execute trades entirely on its own."

Ray Dalio

Bridgewater Associates Hedge Fund Founder (Cited From Wired & Forbes)

"Derivative (option) contracts produced pre-tax gains in the first quarter of 2017 of $460 million... substantially all of which derived from our (short) equity index put options."

Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway Chairman (Cited From 2017 Quarterly Filing)

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Our Special Launch Pricing Ends In...

To celebrate the launch of our new software we're offering special pricing and payment plans that expire on June 16th at midnight.

Upgrade Today & Discover How The Trader's Toolbox Helps You Scan, Backtest & Optimize Your Trades

Simply choose the Toolbox package that fits your needs below and once you checkout using our secure order form you'll get instant access.

LITE Package

"Perfect for the options trader who needs help quickly scanning for the best stocks and setups each day."

 Pre-Screened Watch List

 Live Earnings Calendar

 Custom Options Backtesting

 Real-Time Trade Optimizer

 Unlimited Testing Access

Only $47

One-Time Investment

Add Toolbox LITE

PLUS Package

"The essential software bundle for anyone serious about generating a full-time income with options."

 Pre-Screened Watch List

 Live Earnings Calendar

Custom Options Backtesting

Real-Time Trade Optimizer

 Unlimited Testing Access

Only $497

One-Time Investment

Add Toolbox PLUS

Your Questions Answered...

Is the Toolbox part of any membership level?

The Trader's Toolbox and all the software tools inside are stand-alone products and available to anyone regardless of your membership level at Option Alpha. We felt this is the best path to take since everyone could choose to purchase the software add-on (or not) as they wish.

Any monthly contracts or commitments?

No. Both the LITE and PLUS version are offered as one-time investments with no monthly recurring charges and lifetime access. To help those on a budget, we do offer the PLUS version under two (2) payment plan - but no additional payments are required beyond what you select.

I'm on a budget - is there a payment plan?

For the PLUS version we do offer a two (2) part payment plan. Half today and the other half in one month from today. The LITE version does not offer a payment plan since it's such a small investment already.

Can I upgrade from LITE to PLUS later on?

Yes. You upgrade to the PLUS level anytime. So, pick the level that best fits your goals and needs right now and try it out. You can always change your mind.

What strategies & variables can I test or tweak?

Right now we offer the top ten most popular options strategies including; Short Straddles, Short Strangles, Iron Butterflies, Iron Condors, Put & Call Credit Spreads, Put & Call Calendar Spreads and Put & Call Debit Spreads. We do plan on expanding this list to include other strategies in the future, Single Naked Options, Diagonal Spreads, etc. With regards to variables you can change or tweak, each strategy is a little different but we did build in custom parameters that you can change and alter. You can see more examples and get a good feel for what's possible when viewing the demo version.

How do I access the software after purchasing?

Instantly after purchasing via our secure order form, you'll get an email confirmation with direct access links to the unlocked areas of the website. The entire Trader's Toolbox was built as a cloud-based software which means you can access it from any computer, tablet or phone anywhere you've got an internet connection. No bulky software to download or maintain.

Why should I trust you? What's in it for you?

We've built Option Alpha into an educational leader in the options trading community over nearly 10 years with more than 55k members from around the world and built this software toolbox because it was something our members needed, and wanted, but couldn't find anywhere else. We like to think of ourselves as a "crowd-funded" hub for all options traders. The more people we reach and purchase our software, the more research and technology we can re-invest in for the betterment of an entire industry. Since software costs money to run and maintain we're offering it at the best value possible in hopes that you'll tell all your friends about us. That's how we've grown for years and how we continue to run our business.

Can I download or export the trading data?

Not at this time. We purchased the raw data from multiple exchange sources and providers and consider this to be the backbone of our proprietary system and technology. In addition, we want to maintain the fastest possible servers for our members and exporting incredibly large database files for hundreds of users would dramatically slow our software down.

What skills/knoweldge do I need?

None! Option Alpha teaches traders on all levels from those with a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar accounts. Plus, we have step-by-step training ready for you that shows you exactly how to get the most of our Trader's Toolbox.

What do I get with the LITE vs. PLUS version?

The LITE version includes just our watch list and earnings calendar software. The more advanced PLUS version includes our options backtesting and trade optimization software.

Is software like this available anywhere else?

1,000% NO! We spent many months searching for great technology and software to scan, backtest and optimize trades but can honestly say there is nothing out there like this - not even close. Our proprietary tools took more than 2 years to develop and cost multiple six figures. Nobody can replicate or re-create what we built here.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes. We believe so much in the software and technology we built for you that if you can't find a profitable strategy that beats the market we'll give you all your money back. You literally cannot lose.

Do I really get lifetime access to updates?

Yes. We'll never ask you to pay for updates or new features once on the inside. You’ll always have the most accurate and relevant numbers for options backtesting and trade optimization moving forward.

How often is the backtesting data updated?

Annually. We've already got more than 10 years of historical data for tons of ticker symbols and with this much data there's no need to update more frequently than this as it's unlikely to dramatically shift or change the outcome of many options strategies. We do plan to continue updating and expanding our database each year and as soon as we roll out changes, it'll be immediately updated in your account.

How often is the watch list updated?

Stock quotes and prices are updated intra-day during market hours. Implied volatility ranking levels and expected ranges utilize end of day (EOD) data and are updated in the evening following the market close each day.

Is the list of tickers fixed or will it expand?

Currently, we offer 50 tickers from which you can backtest including stocks and ETFs. This includes major market ETFs like SPY, QQQ, as well as other currency, commodity, emerging markets, biotech and so much more. We spend a long time building this curated list because we wanted to make sure that the software and performance metrics you get were getting were based on the most liquid and widely traded securities. We could have expanded this list (and may do so in the future) but making too many tickers available to backtest that we wouldn't normally trade or have horrible liquidity serves no good purpose for you. We are very cognizant of your desire to scale your account and feel that targeting the best underlyings with the most data and liquidity is the way is the optimal approach.

Can you backtest futures or weekly options?

Weekly option strategies - yes. Futures options - no. The software can backtest and optimize weekly option strategies but we decided not to include futures for many different reasons. Instead, we did include some of the major commodity and index ETFs which track and trade very similar to the corresponding futures contracts so we feel we've covered the bases here with these.

Do you used trade adjustments in the software?

No. The backtesting and trade optimizer does not have the ability to test trade adjustments, yet. As such, we've been doing our own testing and will be releasing strategy specific research reports in the very near future that guide you as to the best adjustment techniques.

Can you guarantee I’ll make money?

Of course not. Nobody can ever 100% guarantee that you won't lose money and most of that responsibility falls on your shoulders. We can give you all the tools and direction in the world but you'll ultimately have to make your own decisions (or not) about trades in your account. That said, we're confident that the technology and database we're constantly building on is the absolute best in the options industry. We make decisions based on high probability setups and data-driven strategies and think you should too.

Can non-US traders use this?

Of course! We already have traders from all over the world including more than 42 different countries who've purchased access. That said, the software and data run specifically for the US markets and most international brokers have the ability for non-US investors to trade our markets even from overseas.

Will the software help me setup my trades?

Generally, yes. When you purchase access to the PLUS version you'll be able to use the Trade Optimizer which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to setup the best strategies for any possible market scenarios. Now, of course you'll have to actually place the trade in your own brokerage account (we can't do that....yet) and if you ever need help we've got an entire library of training videos and course to guide you along.

What are my secure payment options?

Online payment methods include major credit cards and PayPal. All payments and information are protected by the most secure 128-bit SSL encrypted connection with bank level security.

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