Testing Your Bots

Testing your bots is a critical part of the process when creating your portfolio. Be confident your bots will perform how you anticipate with the test button.

Testing your bots and automations is a critical step when building your portfolio. Testing allows you to observe how your bot works, diagnose potential issues, and ensure that automations function as you intend. 

There are multiple ways to test your bots. We recommend trading bots in a paper trading account before using live capital. 

We highly encourage you to continuously test all facets of a bot to feel confident your strategies execute correctly. It is important to stress test in multiple environments, capital structures, and trading limits.

You can always test any automation type individually. Select an automation and click the first button to access the automation editor.

Automations tab

You can run a test inside the automation editor by selecting the “Test” button.

Test button

The test feature allows you to verify the automation’s logic will function the way you expect it to and identify where any issues may occur.

You can choose the bot to run the test in and assign any custom inputs. Testing an automation in different bots lets you view the results for additional capital and position allocations.

Test automation settings

Select “Start Test” to view the results.

Automation log test results "no" decision

The test displays information and actions taken based on the bot’s live environment and current market conditions.

For example, if the automation ran at the time of the test, it would have ended after the first decision action because the bot currently has one or more positions open of a certain type.

You can click each decision recipe to see more details in the decision log.

Decision log

The same automation tested in a different bot produces different results. The automation completes all actions and ends with an open position.

Automation log test results "yes" decision

Remember, this is only running a test inside the bot. Positions will not be opened, and no actions will be visible in the Bot Log. Testing is a great way to verify your bot’s decision-making parameters and outcomes.

Testing your bots is also a proactive way to review how different variables affect the bot. For example, changing a technical indicator may determine whether or not a position will be opened or closed at the end of the automation.

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What is the best way to test a bot?

When building an automation, select the "Test" button in the upper right of the automation page. The test feature runs the automation and displays the results for each decision action using live market data. 

Does an automations need to be turned on for me to run a button click?

Your bot does not need to be on for you to run an automation using a "button" or the "lightning bolt.”

Can I test all of my bot variables and decisions or only certain ones?

You can test every aspect of an automation with the “Test” button. You can also use paper trading mode to see how the bot reacts to changing market conditions.

What is the difference between backtesting and forward-testing?

"Backtesting" is the process of testing a strategy’s performance with historical data.

"Forward-testing" uses specific rules and implements them against all new data going forward to evaluate their effectiveness. 

How can I see if the logic in my bot flows as expected?

You can use the “Test” button in the automation editor to see the bot’s steps.

Should I always test my bots in paper trading first?

We recommend paper trading all your strategies to ensure the bot functions correctly.

Can I see the actual decisions, values, or properties of each action inside automations?

Yes. You can use the “Test” button in the automation editor to see the bot’s steps and evaluate live market data for each action.

Can I manually open or close a position even if the bot's automations are off?

Yes. You can manually open and close positions in the Position Statement.

What are "buttons," and how can I use them for testing my bots?

You can use a button to run any automation. For example, users who trade complex options positions may set all of their entry conditions with buttons so that when they click the button, the order is sent immediately.

How long should I paper trade a bot before live trading?

This will vary with each user and each strategy. We recommend only trading live after you are confident that you have thoroughly and critically thought through your entire bot.

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