Pricing & Volatility
Without a doubt we get our "edge" as options traders by mastering options pricing and volatility. Specifically the fact that long-term implied volatility always overstates the expected market move.
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Option Probability Curve

The option probability curve is an indicator that helps you visually project the price range for a security with a given confidence interval.
Option Probability Curve
Kirk Du Plessis
Apr 19, 2021

We are all visual learners and in this video I'll show you a simple but powerful indicator to help you master the option probabilities with the "Probability Curve". This very cool tool helps you project where a stock will or will not go within a given confidence range is truly eye-opening. And as traders we can use this data to build option strategies to profit from these range bound markets.

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Bid-Ask Spread Defined
The bid-ask spread effects the prices you pay for an option. The "slippage" in the market is important as we continue to build on our understanding of why trading liquid markets is important.

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