Pricing & Volatility
Without a doubt we get our "edge" as options traders by mastering options pricing and volatility. Specifically the fact that long-term implied volatility always overstates the expected market move.
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Fatal Pricing Errors

Traders can make high probability trades month after month and still lose money because of this fatal pricing error.
Fatal Pricing Errors
Kirk Du Plessis
Apr 19, 2021

We'll take a look at a possible TWTR trade today and look deeper into the #1 fatal error people make that traps them into a losing cycle before they even begin to make money with options trading. We tackle this head on in our very own "Coin Flip" case study. Over the years coaching hundreds of students I've used this same study to present the idea of getting fair or reasonable pricing when selling option spreads and it's changed how people enter trades for the better. Once you complete this video, you'll have a firm understanding why some traders can make high probability trades month after month yet lose money.

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Learn the exact pricing of inverse ETFs and why these securities have a huge pricing lag over time that doesn't work in your favor.

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