Why Option Alpha Is on a Mission to Help Individual Options Traders

In our very first episode, I just wanted to lay the groundwork for my podcasting goals and give a brief background of how I got started in trading and where I am in this journey with the stock market.
Why Option Alpha Is on a Mission to Help Individual Options Traders
Kirk Du Plessis
Oct 22, 2014

It's finally here and I'm so happy to be launching this podcast! I hope you are excited as well because this is for you guys.

I've invested a lot of time and money into making this an awesome experience and medium to connect with you all while learning how to make smarter option trades and generate some income. And with a podcast there are so many more areas we can cover in-depth vs. a blog post or video tutorial. Not to mention that we'll have some interviews with awesome traders, case studies, industry experts and so much more in the coming weeks.

In Today's Show, You'll Learn About:

  • Who I am and my trading background (family, career, this website, etc).
  • The general structure of what you can expect moving forward with our podcast and types of shows we'll be doing.
  • Upcoming podcast topics and interviews with successful traders.
  • My very specific goals for this podcast in answering questions, closing the financial literacy gap in trading and the education progression that we all have to go through to learn. Free Options Trading Courses:

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