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Use webhooks to integrate with external platforms

Connect your Option Alpha account to popular charting platforms, trading apps, custom indicators, email alerts, and more to open and close trades automatically when your signal triggers.
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Take advantage of opportunities in real-time

Place trades instantly when a specific condition is met, send orders automatically from email, customize trading indicators on any timeframe, trigger orders from charting platforms, and so much more.
Trade any timeframe
Custom indicators
Automated trading alerts
Unlock more indicators

Connect your Option Alpha account to popular charting platforms and trading apps to use the trading signals you want most.

Minute-by-minute intraday trading

Trade any timeframe you want: whenever your alert triggers, your webhook is called and your automation runs to open or close a position.

Never miss a trade

Let webhooks and automations scan the market so you can say good-bye to missed opportunities.

Customize your trading with full control and flexibility

Webhooks create a whole new world of potential. Trade any indicator on any timeframe to trigger your automations.

Incredible work guys! This is a game-changer in terms of flexibility of the platform!


Here's everything you need to know about
What is a webhook?

An inbound webhook is a signal used to trigger one or more automations inside of Option Alpha. A Webhook allows you to connect your Option Alpha account with an external source to trigger an automation. This empowers traders to call a Webhook from other trading apps, charting platforms, email alerts and more so you can expand your trading signals beyond what is available inside Option Alpha. For example, you can use a TradingView 1-minute chart to trigger an automation that automatically opens a position instantly.

How do I create a Webhook?

A webhook URL can be created either inside OA Settings or when creating a New Automation in a bot's Settings tab. Simply paste your unique URL into an external platform of your choice. Once created, it can be used to trigger up to 10 automations in a single bot times however many bots are available in your subscription, or it can be used to trigger a single automation, or anything in between.

Where can I use a webhook?

Your unique URL can be can be pasted into any external platform that supports Webhooks, such as TradingView, TrendSpider, and Zapier. You can then use your webhook URL to trigger any automation in any bot inside Option Alpha.

Can I test webhooks?

Yes! All Option Alpha traders have access to creating and testing webhooks. After you've created a webhook on the OA Webhooks Settings page and have successfully added a new Webhook-type automation to a bot, you can trigger a test using the "Test Hook" button.

How much do Webhooks cost?

Webhooks are available free to all users in every pricing plan.

Still have questions?

Please contact to our friendly team. We'd love to help!
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