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Send multiple rapid-fire orders to your broker automatically

SmartPricing works through the bid-ask spread, automatically sending and canceling multiple timed limit orders so you don't have to.
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Stop stressing about orders

Do you feel like you should get better pricing on your trades? We know the feeling. Now you can let SmartPricing attempt multiple prices for you and stop stressing about your orders.
Adapts to fast markets
Rapid-fires limit orders
Auto-cancel and replace
Always try for better pricing

With Option Alpha's SmartPricing, bots automatically scan for the best possible price so you don't have to.

No more costly slippage

SmartPricing works through the bid-ask spread to find the best possible price in live market conditions so you can be confident you're getting the best fills available.

Stop watching your orders all day

Say goodbye to monitoring your orders and let SmartPricing automatically cancel and re-send orders to your broker for you.

You're always in control

Select the setting that works best for every automation, or simply turn off SmartPricing and use a limit order.

Smartpricing and Smartstops is a total game changer and really fun to watch.


Here's everything you need to know about
What is a Bot?

Bots execute trading strategies inside your portfolio. Bots are the home for your positions, risk management, and automations. You are in complete control of your bot's activity and tell them what to do and when to do it. You can automate all of your strategy from entry to exit, or create hybrid manual-automated strategies.

Can I paper trade with Option Alpha?

Yes, 100%. We built our own paper trading engine so you can paper trade as much as you want right inside Option Alpha without having to connect to a brokerage. Paper trading allows you to test your bot’s automation logic risk-free, in real-time, with live market conditions. Plus, you leverage the power of bots to test limitless strategies, ideas, and portfolio combinations so you're comfortable with autotrading before you start trading live.

Can I still open and close positions with my broker?

Of course. You can still open and close positions in your broker's app. You can also import existing brokerage positions into your Option Alpha account, as well as open and close positions manually in the autotrading platform.

Still have questions?

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