Choose Your Path with these Automation Editor Improvements

The Automation Editor just got a lot better. Now you can customize your automations with improved “choose your path” flexibility.
Ryan Hysmith
Sep 26, 2021
2 min read
Choose Your Path with these Automation Editor Improvements

The Automation Editor is where you tell the bot what decisions to make, what criteria to look for, and what actions to take. The Automation Editor follows a decision tree framework where criteria are evaluated in a step-by-step, if-then format.

Decision actions are split into conditional yes/no paths and can end with an open position action, close position action, or a notification.

Automation editor

You can now choose which path your edits impact when you make changes in the Automation Editor. This was a heavily requested item from our beta users, and we heard you loud and clear.

The expanded functionality of the Automation Editor gives you different options for deleting and preceding actions inside your decision trees.

Decision action settings

Now, when you delete an action, only the selected action is removed from the automation. The next action in the editor automatically moves up to replace the deleted action. Simple and clean.

If you delete a decision action that has two branches (“Yes” and “No” paths), you can choose exactly what is deleted and what stays. You can keep the “Yes” path, the “No” path, or delete both branches of the decision tree.

Deleted action options

There’s more. If you "precede" an action with another action, you now have the ability to choose which path the existing action will reference for your decision. Once a decision is added, you can choose if the following actions proceed down the “Yes” or “No” path.

"Precede with" options

Traders in the Community have created hundreds of amazing bot templates in the Automation Editor. The templates already have incredible decision logic, but you may want to make adjustments.

These Automation Editor improvements enable you to make detailed changes to your bot with speed and efficiency. Discover bot templates, customize the template to fit your strategy, and leverage the power of automation in your portfolio.

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