Event Automations

Bot events are flexible automations that are triggered on a schedule or when something occurs inside the bot. There are multiple bot events you can use to run an automation.


Do event automations show up in the bot log?

Yes. Events are arranged in chronological order, with the most recent automation appearing at the top of the list.

Why don't events run using the "Now" function show in the list of automations?

If you use the lightning bolt to run an automation "now," you can select any type of automation to run, and it will be displayed in the bot log.

How do I create a button to add to my bot?

Select the “+” symbol in the Events section of the Automations tab. Select button click from the list of event automations and assign an automation to the button from your library.

Can I schedule a bot to run an automation one time on a specific date and time in the future?

Yes. You can use an event to schedule an automation for a specific date and time or on a repeating schedule.

If I use a "Now" event, does it run the automation immediately?

Yes, it runs when you select the button.

Can I schedule event automations to run on a recurring schedule?

Yes, you can run an automation on a repeating schedule. Repeating events enable you to input the details of the schedule, including the start date, the frequency, the time, and the end date (not required). You can always modify the variable of the schedule at any time.

Can I schedule multiple recurring schedules within the same bot for different days and times?


If I set an automation to run at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesdays and it is currently 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, will it run in 15 minutes?

Yes. Keep in mind bots run on EST.

Do event automations scheduled to run at 10:00 a.m. run if it's after 10:00 a.m.?

No. Automations only run at the scheduled time in EST.

What time zone do bots use?

Bots run on EST, so factor this into your decision when you schedule the automation.

Do event automations scheduled to run every month on the same day still run if that day falls on a weekend or holiday?

No. If the markets are closed, your automation will not run.

What happens if an event automation runs but the criteria inside the automation are not met?

If the automation scheduled runs but the criteria are not met, your position will not be opened. You can see where the error occurred in the Bot Log.

Do event automations continue to run automations until an action is taken?

Event automations run on a schedule or a specific time. If specific criteria are not met to trigger an action, the automation will end. You can reschedule the event or run the automation instantly by selecting the lightning bolt icon in the Automations tab.

Can I click the button I created to run an automation anytime I want?

Yes. The automation will run instantly when you use a button click.

How many buttons can I add to a bot?

You can create as many buttons as you like.

Can I use an event automation to open and close a position?

Yes, events can be used to open and close positions.

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