Bot Positions

The positions statement displays important details about your bot's position history.

The Positions statement lists critical information for all open and closed positions in a bot.

If a bot has active positions, the number of open positions will appear in green next to the Positions tab.

Active positions

Active positions are listed in chronological order of entry. A quick snapshot provides important position information, such as:

  • Position quantity (options contracts or stock shares)
  • Days until expiration (for options positions)
  • Maintenance required for short premium option positions
  • Premium (credit or debit) 
  • Open profit or loss (unrealized)

Open options positions include all legs and their expiration date.

You can view more information by selecting a position.

Position details highlighted
(Timestamp 0:44)

Position details include the credit or debit at entry, current market value, and P/L.

Option leg details such as strike price, quantity, and expiration are displayed.

Trade details includes all information submitted to your broker for execution, including the fill price and SmartPricing.

You can also add or remove tags.

Add and remove bot tags on the position details page

You can always close a position manually from this page. Select the “Close Position” button to exit the trade immediately.

Close position button highlghted

Closed positions

Closed, expired, canceled, and overridden positions are listed in the order they were closed.

You can view position type and option legs, closed date, contract or share quantity, premium paid or received at trade entry, and realized P/L.

Closed positions in position statement
(Timestamp 1:09)

Again, you can select a position to see more details. The position’s history is listed, including exit trade details and final realized P/L.

Canceled positions include a description of why the position was canceled.

Canceled position details

Bot dashboard - Positions

You can view any position currently traded inside your bot portfolio by selecting “Positions” from the main bot dashboard.

Bot dashboard with positions button highlighted

All active positions for every bot are listed. You can toggle between the categories to sort positions. Selecting a position displays the trade details.

To view the position's bot, simply select the icon at the bottom of the page.

Position's bot in position details
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How do I set daily position limits?

You can set and edit daily position limits in the bot’s global settings. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the bot dashboard and select “Settings.”

How do I set total position limits?

You can set and edit total position limits in the bot’s global settings. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the bot dashboard and select “Settings.”

How do I change my capital allocation and position limits for a bot that has already been created?

You can edit a bot’s allocation and position limits at any time. Simply access the bot’s global settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the bot dashboard and select “Settings.”

Can I get notified when a bot enters or exits a position?

Yes. You can add a notification after any decision in the automation editor. Select the “+” icon and choose "Notification" from the bot actions menu.

Why is a position that was not filled showing up as an "Open Position?”

This is likely an error related to insufficient capital allocation. It shows as an open position to require you to acknowledge and understand why the error was generated and forces a manual cancellation and modification of the bot.

Why does my bot show "X positions open" but some of them are in red with an error?

This is an error related to insufficient capital allocated to the bot. The bot tried to fill a position but stopped because there was not enough capital. You are notified with the error sign. You will need to cancel that position and modify your settings to ensure it does not happen again.

Can I see the reason why an automation either did or did not submit a position order?

Yes, in the bot log you can click each individual action to see the specifics of the condition and why it did or did not proceed down the yes path.

When I have a position that did not open what should I do?

Click on the position and cancel it to remove the position from your total position count.

Will a bot’s position count match exactly what's in my brokerage account?

Positions opened inside the platform will be available immediately in your brokerage account. However, the inverse is not true. Positions opened in your brokerage account will not translate to positions in the platform.

Does one bot know the positions of other bots in my portfolio?

No, bots operate independently of each other. You can set position or dollar limits for each individual bot but you cannot reference positions in other bots.

Do bots know about pre-existing positions in my brokerage account?

No, bots do not know about positions in your account that were not opened in the platform.

Are all the current bot positions listed in one place?

You can view your positions in the bot’s Position Statement and the positions tab of the Bot's homepage.

Will a bot automatically re-enter a position after it exits another position?

Yes. If your bot is allowed more than one position, and there is room to open a new position per the bot’s settings, it will open a new position if your criteria are met.

Will a bot automatically manage a position for me if I haven't set up any monitor automations?

No. A monitor must be built in order for a bot to manage open positions.

How can I see the details of specific open or closed positions?

You can view a position’s details by selecting the position in the bot’s Position Statement.

What is "SmartPricing" and how can I see what prices and orders it tried to fill?

SmartPricing places timed limit orders in a sequence, traversing the bid-ask spread until you reach your final price. Orders are sent and canceled based on the SmartPricing settings you choose until the optimal price is filled.

You can view a position’s order details by selecting the position and selecting the filled order in the position details.

Can I export my trade history from a bot?

No, at this time you cannot export your trade history.

Can I close an existing open position in a bot without using an automation?

You can always close any open position manually. Choose the position you want to close in the Position Statement and select “Close Position” on the top of the position details page.

Where can I see how long a position has been open?

Select an open position in the Position Statement. You can view when the opening order was filled. You can select the order to view its details, such as the date and time the order executed.

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