Scanner Automations

Bot scanner automations look to open new positions based on your decision actions.
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How do I use the same bot for trading multiple tickers?

You can use custom inputs to trade multiple tickers in the same bot. Simply add additional automations and change the input’s ticker symbol.

How often do scanner automations run during the trading day?

Scanner automations run every 15 minutes beginning at 9:45 EST and stop running at 3:45 PM EST.

Do scanner automations run on the hour or can I set the schedule?

Scanner automations run every 15 minutes. You can use an event to schedule scanner automatons.

Do scanner automations run if I already have positions inside the bot?

Scanners will run until you turn the bot off or until your maximum position or allocation limit is met. If a limit is met, your scanner will not open new positions until there is room in the bot.

Can scanner automations run on shorter timeframes?

Scanners will eventually run on shorter time frames, but that feature is not available yet. Stay tuned for updates.

How is a scanner different than a monitor automation?

Scanner automations look for opportunities to enter new positions based on the decision recipes you create. Scanners filter through market criteria and work through a decision tree to open a position.

Monitor automations manage open positions inside a bot. Monitors actively manage different strategy types and only trigger once a position is opened with a scanner or event automation. Bot monitors typically end with a close position action and exit or adjust a trade when your decision criteria are met.

How many scanners can I set up inside a bot?

You can have up to five scanners in a single bot.

Do scanner automations run only during the normal trading session hours?

Scanners are active from 9:45 EST until 3:45 PM EST.

How can I see what symbols or custom inputs my scanner automations are using?

In the Automations tab, hover the mouse over the “i” icon to view the list of custom inputs and ticker symbols.

Where can I verify the decisions and actions my "Scanner" automation is making?

The Bot Log displays an automation’s activity.

Do scanner automations always with an open position action?

No. An automation could end with a notification to alert you if certain criteria are met. Additionally, one part of the decision tree may not end with an action.

Can scanner automations filter for new trading opportunities but avoid entering positions that fail to meet my criteria?

Yes, a bot can look for certain market conditions. If the conditions you have defined do not exist, the bot will not enter a trade at that time, and will check again at the next interval.

Is there a limit to the number of scanner automations I can have in "My Automations"?

No, you can have as many automations as you want. A bot is limited to five scanner automatons.

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