Canceled Positions

The position statement includes all canceled positions. Canceled positions are listed in the close position section.

The Position Statement’s activity summary displays all canceled positions. Canceled positions are listed in the closed position section. 

Orders can be canceled manually or when they encounter an error. Errors occur when capital allocation, position limits, or errors are triggered.

If a position was canceled or could not be opened, “Canceled” is displayed under the ticker symbol.

Canceled positions in position statement

You can cancel a manual or automated working order in the active positions section.

Cancel position button

You can select a position to display its details if it has a limit error. The error message explains why the order did not execute.

Cancel position error message

Error positions are listed in the Active Positions section. You must manually cancel error positions to remove them from the active positions section.

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What is a "Canceled" position?

A position is canceled when it was unable to open for any number of reasons. The position will (by design) occupy a position slot until you cancel it and make room for a new position.

Can I remove a canceled position from the Position Statement?

You can remove a canceled position by selecting it and clicking “Cancel." This will free up the position slot so that a new position may be added.

If I don't cancel a trade that did not open, what happens?

Canceled trades show up in the “Active Positions“ section with an error message. You can select the position and cancel it; if you don't, it will count toward your position limits.

Will I get notified of "Canceled" positions?

No. You will receive notifications for errors but not canceled positions. You must manually cancel a position.

Do canceled positions count towards my bot position limits?

Yes. When an order encounters an error, you must manually cancel it to remove the position from your active positions and free up room in your bot.

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