Cloning Existing Bot

Cloning a bot allows you to easily replicate an entire bot in seconds. Learn how to clone an existing bot and add it to your portfolio immediately.

You can easily clone any bot inside the autotrading platform. The clone feature allows you to replicate an entire bot instantly. This enables you to efficiently use an existing bot’s basic framework and edit or modify the settings and automations.

To create a clone, choose the bot you want to replicate and select the gear icon in the bot dashboard. Select “Clone bot.”

Clone bot from settings

This creates an exact one-time replica of the bot, including all automations, settings, and bot-level inputs. 

You can edit the name, icon, account, and global settings. Select “Clone” at the bottom of the page to save the bot to your portfolio.

Clone settings

The bot is off by default, and you must turn it on to activate the automations.

On / off button for automations

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How are clones and bot templates different?

Clones are a copy of the bot or individual automations. Templates are the complete bot with all automations, bot notes, and version information.

Clones are added to your bot portfolio and can be traded immediately; templates are saved to your library and can be cloned into a bot.

Does a bot clone simply replicate the existing bot or bot template?


When I clone one of my bots does it clone all of the automations inside that bot?

No, any performance and log information from the original bot will not be included with the clone.

If I change or modify my cloned bot does that in any way impact my original bot?

Yes, making changes to the automations will be reflected in both bots, so make sure to copy the automation first to avoid having changes made to the original bots automation.