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Comparing Underlying Symbol Properties

The 'Symbol volume is greater than value' decision compares underlying symbol properties to a value.


What various symbol criteria can I compare?

You can compare several symbol properties. To see the list, visit the second decision action recipe under stocks.

When and how often are these values compared?

Values are referenced at the automation’s scheduled intervals.

Can I set my automation to check multiple criteria in a single step?

Yes, you can group and nest multiple decisions with "and/or" functionality.

Where can I see specific definitions for the various criteria?

Definitions are available throughout the Help Center, Handbook, and Technical Documentation.

Can I be notified if a criterion crosses a specific number?

Yes. You can add a notification action after any decision recipe to receive alerts.

When using the "Equal to" function, is the automation only measuring that criteria when the bot runs?

The bot references market conditions at each scheduled interval but not in between.

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