Comparing Opportunity Attributes

Comparing opportunity attributes allows you to reference a position’s attributes, like the bid-ask spread and Greeks, to make decisions.

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What are the definitions of the various criteria?

The Opportunity section allows you to pre-qualify trades and determine availability before entry. Opportunities are helpful as a check before trade entry.

You can learn more about the criteria in the Help Center, Handbook, and Technical Documentation.

Can this recipe be used as an entry and exit criteria?

Opportunity criteria can only be used for trade entry.

When is the data compared?

All comparisons are made when the automation runs at its scheduled interval.

Since this is comparing data on the entire position, how is it calculated?

It depends on the position and the criteria you are comparing.

Can I combine multiple criteria together in a single automation?

Yes, you can group and nest multiple decisions with "and/or" functionality.

Can this calculation be done on stock or is it for options only?

Some opportunities are available for both stocks and options, while others are limited to options only (such as open interest).

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