Comparing Position Time to Expiration

Comparing position time to expiration allows you to reference a position’s time to expiration to make decisions.

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Why is days to expiration an important factor to consider?

Days to Expiration, or DTE, is important because it tells you when the option contract will expire. You may choose to exit a position before expiration.

Can this calculation be done on stock or is it for options only?

Options only, as stocks do not have an expiration date.

Is it important to use the Repeater action ahead of this criteria?

Repeater actions cycle through all open positions. If your logic is to exit at a certain DTE, then yes, you would want to ensure every position is referenced.

What if I select an exact number of days to expiration and that day happens to land on a weekend or holiday?

If you choose an exact number of "Days to Expiration" and it is a day the market is closed, then the trade will not fill. You will receive a notification that there is no expiration for that date.

Can I add additional criteria to this same automation?

Yes, you can always combine criteria together.

Does this recipe only consider trading days or does it include weekends and holidays?

It includes weekends and holidays.

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