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Comparing Underlying Symbol Price to an Indicator

The 'Symbol price is above 30-day moving average' decision compares price to an indicator and time frame.


What are the definitions of the various Indicators?

The platform allows you to use many different indicators. To learn more, visit the Handbook and Technical Documentation.

Can I choose any time period for an indicator?

No, you can only select from the provided timeframes.

Can I evaluate time frames less than a day, such as hours or minutes?

No, only daily periods are currently available.

Will the indicator readings match with the readings on my platform?

Yes and no. With any indicator, there are variations to the formula. Not all platforms or brokerages use the same formula. We can't promise our indicator readings will be an exact match of your brokerage platform’s reading.

Are the criteria only matched at the time the bot runs?

Yes, the bot references market conditions at each scheduled interval.

Can I add multiple decisions together in this one action block?

Yes, you can group and nest multiple decisions with "and/or" functionality.

Can this recipe be used as an entry and exit criteria?


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