Cloning from Shared Template

Cloning a bot from a shared template lets you quickly and easily add a strategy to your portfolio. Templates can be shared in the Community and in private messages.

Creating a clone from a shared template is similar to creating a clone from an existing template in your library. 

This is one of the most important features of the autotrading platform. You can clone any bot shared in the Community or save it to your template library instantly. You can then edit the template to create the perfect bot for you.

To create a clone from a shared template, select “Templates” on the Community homepage. Select “Clone” to clone the bot and add it to your portfolio, or select the save icon to save the template to your library.

Clone button in Community shared templates

Cloning a bot replicates the bot exactly as it is; you can modify it to create a new version. 

You can always view the bot’s description and see the automations of the shared template.

Template description and automations

Once you clone a bot, you can edit the name, icon, account, and global settings of the new bot. When you are ready, select “Clone” at the bottom of the page.

Clone settings

The cloned bot is now available in your portfolio. The automations are turned off by default, so you must turn the bot on when you are ready.

You can also save the template to your library. The entire template is saved and you can name it and add a description.

Save template

Saved templates do not count towards your account’s bot limits, so it is a great way to store strategies and source multiple ideas. You can then easily clone a bot from the template or share it in the Community.

Cone and share template

Cloning bots and saving templates shared in the Community allows you to replicate strategies and create your own version tailored to your account and trading preferences. 

We encourage you to thoroughly examine the bot’s objectives and automations before trading live money so you know exactly what the bot is doing before turning it on.

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Is there a library of shared templates?

Yes. On the Community homepage there is a Templates tab.

When I create a bot from a shared template, will it automatically start running automations?

No. New bots are turned off by default. You must turn on the bot manually when you are ready.

Can I see historical performance of a shared template ?

No. Unless the creator of the template has provided information in their notes, the historical performance remains with the creator.

Do I have to save a shared template first before creating a bot?

You can either clone the bot instantly or save the template to your library and clone it at a later time.

Is any of the personal or performance data transferred from the person who shared the template?


Should I paper trade a cloned bot from a shared template?

We strongly recommend paper trading cloned bots to help identify any modifications you may want to make.