Cloning from Template

Cloning a bot from a template allows you to use a template to easily create a new bot and modify its settings.

Creating a clone of a bot from a template is just as easy as cloning an existing bot. 

When you create a clone from a template, you're taking all of the information, automations, settings, and inputs from the saved template and creating a new bot. You can create multiple clones from a template because it simply reuses the same information over and over.

To create a clone from an existing template, access your template library, choose the template you want to clone, and select “Clone” at the top of the page.

Clone from template library

You can edit the name, icon, account, and global settings of the new bot. When you are ready, select “Clone” at the bottom of the page.

Clone settings

A new bot is created from an existing template in the library. All of the automations and settings will automatically be transferred to the new cloned bot.


How do I clone a bot from a template?

Hover your mouse over the template and click “Clone.”

Is there a library of bot "templates" somewhere I can look through for ideas?

Yes: Bot Templates | Option Alpha

You can also access any templates shared in the Community from the Community homepage.

What bot characteristics are shared in a template?

Bot automations, bot description, user notes, and version number.

Will cloning someone else's bot template allow me to see their trade history or performance?


Is cloning an existing bot and cloning a bot from a bot template essentially the same action?

Yes, they are the same.

Can someone share a single bot with me, or does it have to be turned into a bot template?

You can share individual automations or complete templates.

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