Closed Positions

The Position Statement displays all closed positions with a detailed position history, including how long the position was opened and the final P/L.

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Where can I see trade details for my closed positions?

The Position Statement displays all details for a position. Simply select the position to view its details, including the ticker symbol, strategy type, credit received or debit paid, market value, profit or loss, options leg specifications, trade order execution data, and the bot managing the position.

Why do some of my positions say "Canceled" under them?

These are positions that showed up as an error in your “Active Positions,” meaning they were unable to fill, and you canceled them.

Can I remove "Canceled" trades from the positions list?

No, all trades (whether canceled or filled) show up in the Bot Log.

How will I be notified of positions being closed?

Closed positions are displayed in the Position Statement in the “Closed Positions” section. You will always receive a notification in the top right corner of your screen when a position is closed.

Can I manually close positions even if I have a monitor automation running?

Yes, you can always close a position at any time by selecting that position in the Position Statement and then clicking the "Close Position" button.

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