Community Guidelines

Here are the guidelines and expectations for members in the Community.

Welcome to the Option Alpha Community!

We're excited to have you join us. Before you get started in the Community, we invite you to read the information below about our Community mission and member guidelines.

What is the mission of the Option Alpha Community?

The mission of the Option Alpha Community is to provide a central location for the Option Alpha Community--members and Option Alpha staff--to explore ideas, engage with other traders, and share their perspectives and trading experiences. 

The following principles and guidelines should be used to help guide your time in the Community and make sure you have a productive, positive experience. 

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are “Be Helpful. Be Human. Be Smart.” You can use these guiding principles as a reference to make sure your Community posts add value and support the Community’s mission.

Be Helpful.

Being helpful means you should always try to elevate the conversation with thoughtful, respectful contributions. The Community is intended to help you learn and grow as a trader. Being helpful includes:

  • Respect others by keeping your posts positive and constructive. The Community is a place for healthy, active dialogue amongst traders, free from attack, harassment, bullying, hate, or abuse. As a general rule, if you would not do or say something in a large public meeting, you shouldn’t do or say it in the Community. 
  • Respect other’s time and attention by asking thoughtful questions and sharing what you’ve learned so everyone can grow together.
  • Avoid sensitive topics. Political, news, and other posts should be about the investment implications of political policies or news.
  • If you have the answers to questions, we encourage you to respond to posts when someone asks a question.
  • Make sure your posts are relevant to the conversation. Consider if your comment enhances the conversation and is in the right place before posting. If you have a new question, please create a new post instead of interrupting another discussion. Please do not create duplicate posts so that discussions do not become fragmented. If a previous conversation would answer a member’s question, guide them to that helpful content.
  • If you found a post helpful, click the “thumbs up” icon to upvote the post or comment. 
  • Our Community members are creative and full of great ideas! You are encouraged to submit your Platform improvements via the Wishlist and upvote your favorite ideas. 
  • If you are experiencing an unexpected error or need support, please email us at [email protected] or use the “Report an issue” feature so that we can address your concerns quickly. 

Be Human.

Being human means professionally representing yourself. The Community is intended for facilitating professional, healthy conversations. Community conversations are expected to be respectful, helpful, engaging, and peaceful. Being human includes: 

  • Sharing relevant personal or professional experiences about trading and acknowledging others for a job well done. 
  • Creating new connections and joining in conversations so that you may build relationships and grow personally and professionally. 
  • The Community is not a place to vent frustrations, create unrest, complain, or attack other members or Option Alpha.

Be Smart.

Being smart means thinking before you post. If you post something that needs to be changed, figure out what needs to be changed, edit your content, and then post. Being smart includes:

  • Avoid posting confidential information or anything other Community members might find offensive. Think before you post. 
  • Community members expect privacy and safety, so respect the privacy and safety of others. Don’t reveal someone’s private or confidential information.
  • Be careful with personally-identifying information. Traders do not have to use their real name or full name in the Community, but you may not impersonate another person or entity in a misleading, deceitful, or fraudulent way. 
  • Don’t post illegal content, anything that would violate any contractual agreements, or content facilitating illegal transactions. Never post sexual, graphic, or explicit content. Posts should not promote or solicit business for other services.
  • The Community provides private message functionality for users to send direct communication with one another. Private messages should adhere to the same expectations as public posts. Remember, if the content is not in a private message, then it is publicly open in the Community.
  • Content and communication in the Community are captured, retained, and accessible into the future, so make sure you are comfortable with your contributions being accessible for a long time. 

Option Alpha Logo and Staff

You will notice some Community members have the Option Alpha name below their names. This means they are an Option Alpha employee. 

Like you, they are members of the Community and are encouraged to share their knowledge, product expertise, and opinions in the Community.


We reserve the right to moderate posts where we believe it will benefit the Community, including removing posts. Anything broadly outside the intended use and spirit of our Community will be removed and is at the sole discretion of our Community managers. 

Moderation may include contacting users about behavior, suspension or removal of privileges, removal of posts, or other actions. Any violations of the Community Guidelines, without exception, will be removed immediately, and users will receive one warning before being muted for 30 days. 

We ask that you work with us to create a vibrant Community that helps you and other traders along the journey to consistently place smarter, more successful trades.

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