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Here are the guidelines and expectations for using the Community.
Community Guidelines
Steve Henry
Apr 19, 2021

The Community is a place where you can learn, grow, connect, and share. It’s a place for you, our traders, to explore ideas, engage with other traders, and share your perspectives and trading experiences. 


Community conversations are expected to be respectful, helpful, engaging, and peaceful. This is a place for healthy, active dialogue amongst traders, free from attack, harassment, bullying, hate, or abuse. Never post sexual, graphic, or explicit content.   


Traders should have an expectation of privacy and safety, so respect the privacy and safety of others. Revealing someone’s private or confidential information is not allowed. 


Traders do not have to use their real name or full name in the Community, but you may not impersonate another person or entity in a misleading, deceitful, or fraudulent way. 


Do not post illegal content or content facilitating illegal transactions. Posts should not promote or solicit business for other services.


The Community is intended to help you learn and grow as a trader. Please keep the conversation on the topic of trading. Political, news, and other posts should be about the investment implications of political policies or news.


Use the Community for its intended use in facilitating healthy conversations. Anything broadly outside the intended use and spirit of our Community will be removed and is at the sole discretion of our Community managers.


The Community provides private message functionality for users to send direct communication with one another. Private messages should adhere to the same expectations as public posts.


We reserve the right to moderate posts where we believe it will benefit the Community, including removing posts. Moderation may include contacting users about behavior, suspension or removal of privileges, removal of posts, or other actions.   

We ask that you work with us to create a vibrant Community that helps you and other traders along the journey to consistently place smarter, more successful trades.

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