Creating New Templates

Templates are useful when you want to save and reuse a strategy repeatedly. Creating templates will add efficiency to your bot portfolio.

You can create a template from an existing bot inside the autotrading platform. A template preserves the automations and settings of a bot. 

Templates are useful when you want to save and reuse a strategy repeatedly. Templates are saved to your template library.

To create a template of a bot, click the gear icon on the bot’s dashboard and select “Save as Template” from the dropdown menu.

Save as template

You have the option to create a new template or update an existing template. You can edit the name, add a description, assign default bot-level inputs, and define the bot’s global settings.

Save new template

Select “Save” to create a new template.

Save new template

You can always change the settings at any time in the future.

The template’s dashboard displays the number of times the template has been cloned, the current version, the last updated date, and all automations.

Template's automations

You can select any automation to view its details.

Automation details

You cannot edit the automation’s fields in the template. You would need to create a new version to make changes.

You can also add notes to the template at the bottom of the page.

Template notes

You can create a bot by cloning the template. You can also share the template publicly in the Community or through a private message.

Clone and share template buttons
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Where can I find bot templates?

You can find bot templates saved to your library in the "Templates" tab on the bot homepage. 

Templates can also be found under “Collections” on the Community homepage. You can save and clone templates shared in the Community.

What's the difference between a clone and a bot template?

Clones are a copy of the bot or individual automations. Templates are the complete bot with all automations, bot notes, and version information. 

Clones are added to your portfolio as a bot, and you can trade them immediately; templates are saved to your library and can be cloned into a bot.

Why would I want to create a new bot template?

Templates allow you to save the framework of a bot. You can share, reuse, and update the template at any time. This saves you from having to re-create the bot in the future.

You can save as many templates as you want to your library. Any bot can be saved as a template and reused to clone a new bot in the future, where you can modify its settings. 

What information is stored as part of a bot template?

Templates store a bot’s basic functionality, such as your entry and exit parameters via automations, criteria used, and notes/descriptions about the bot. The bot’s position history and allocation amounts are not stored with the template.

How is a new template different from an updated template?

New templates are the original version of a bot from which you created a template. You can modify the template at any time and save the latest version as an updated template.

Can I add detailed notes, including images or web links, to my bot template?

Yes, you can add a wide variety of information into the notes area of your template, including links to articles, images or screenshots of charts, a link to a backtest, and more.

Will any of my personal information or position history be shared if I share a bot template?

No. Only the bot’s name, description, automations, and version history are shared.

How can I create a bot from a bot template?

To create a bot from a template, simply select the template in your library, or download one from the Community and select "Clone.” This will create a new bot, and you can always modify its settings. Note that all new bots are turned off by default, so you will need to turn it on.

Should I always paper trade and test new bot templates that I find or are shared with me?

Yes, it is strongly recommended that you always paper trade a new bot.

Why can't I update or modify any of the automations inside a bot template?

A bot template is designed to be viewed and saved, not modified. You can clone the template and edit the bot’s settings and automations.