Deleting Templates

You can easily delete an existing template to remove it from your library.

It’s easy to delete a template from your library.

Select the template you want to delete from the Templates section in the bot dashboard.

Templates library, bot homepage

From the template’s homepage, click the gear icon and select “Delete.”

Delete template

The template is deleted from your library and is no longer available.

Deleting a template cannot be undone. Remember, there is no limit to the number of templates you can have in your library.

You can always create a new template from a bot.


How can I delete a bot template?

Select the gear icon inside your bot template and click "Delete."

Why would I want to delete a bot template?

If you have a template that represents a trading strategy you no longer use, or you downloaded the template to observe its actions, you may want to delete it to avoid confusion and keep an organized working environment.

Once a bot template is deleted is it gone forever?


If I delete a bot template I shared will it be deleted on their end as well?


Is there a limit to the number of bot templates I can have?


If I delete a template that I had used to clone a bot will the bot be deleted as well?


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