Editing Automations

You can easily edit an automation any time. Editing automations gives you flexibility to change the workflow of decisions in your bot as markets change and your strategy evolves.


What happens if I remove a decision from the automation editor?

Removing a decision deletes all actions that follow.

Is there an "undo button" if I accidentally make a change I did not want to make?

There is no "undo button," but you do have the option to precede decisions, which makes it easier to correct mistakes.

Can I insert new actions into an automation anywhere I wish?

Yes, you can hover over any action and a gear icon will appear in the upper right corner. This enables you to precede the action with another action so you can add additional decisions to an automation.

If I edit an automation will the updates be automatically reflected inside any bot using that automation?

Yes, any modifications made to an automation are transferred everywhere the automation is used in the platform. You can always copy an automation if you want to make edits and preserve the original.

How do I modify an automation without rebuilding the automation?

You can create a copy of any automation. Hover over the automation and select the copy icon.

How do I modify or update the custom inputs in an automation?

Hover your mouse over an automation and select the"i" icon to view and edit the different variable fields.

If variables are bot-level inputs, you can adjust them by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner of your bot and selecting settings.

Can I edit an automation even if I'm not currently inside the bot using the automation?

Yes. You can edit an automation from the bots homepage. Select the Automations tab under “My Library” to access your automations. Select an automation, and you will be redirected to the automation editor.

Do I have to use an automation inside a bot for it to be saved to "My Automations?”

No, you can build an automation and save it to your library for future use without assigning it to a bot.

Do I have to use all of the different actions inside the automation editor for it to work?


Can I start an automation with any type of bot action?

Yes, you can start any automation with any type of bot action.

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