Not Enough Capital Warning

The “not enough capital” warning occurs when there isn't sufficient capital for a bot to enter a new position.

Bots have safeguards and limits that alert you when an automation encounters a warning.

The “Not enough capital” warning occurs when there is not enough capital for a bot to enter a new position. The warning also happens if you do not have enough net liquid or available capital to fulfill the capital requirements of a new position.

The bot will not enter a new position until another position is closed --manually or through an automation-- and capital becomes available in the portfolio.

Bot Log

You can access warning messages in the bot log.

Bot log

Automations that encounter a warning are displayed with a red circle with an explanation of why the bot discontinued the automation. The date and time the automation failed are also listed.

You can select the warning to view more details.

Automation log details


You will always receive a notification for any bot warning. Select the bell in the top right corner to view your notifications.


Bot Dashboard

The bot dashboard also lists automation warnings in the “Activity” section.

Bot dashboard

You can make changes to the bot’s capital allocation limits in the bot’s global settings.

Global settings


What does the "Not enough capital" warning mean?

A bot has placed a trade and found there were not sufficient funds available to cover the position. Although there may be enough capital allocated to the bot for a trade, some of that capital may already be in use for other opened trades. See the "Capital" section of the bot's "Dashboard" for a description of currently available funds.

How can I prevent this warning from occurring?

In your decision tree you can add a check for the bots capital using "bot has enough available capital." This will check to see if the bot has enough capital available before it attempts to open the position, and will avoid throwing a warning if there are not enough funds to cover the new position.

Where can I change my allocated capital for a bot?

You can change a bot’s capital allocation under its "Settings", found in the drop-down gear menu next to its On/Off switch. This icon is in the upper-right area on the bot's page.

What is the minimal amount of capital I can assign to a bot?

Bots require a minimum capital allocation of $500.

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