Not Enough Capital Error

The “not enough capital” error occurs when there is not enough capital for a bot to enter a new position. Here is what you need to know about not enough capital errors.
Not Enough Capital Error
Steve Henry
Jul 30, 2021

Bots have safeguards and limits that alert you when an automation encounters an error.

Capital allocation limits are in place to limit the amount of capital allocated to a single bot. The “not enough capital” error occurs when there is not enough capital for a bot to enter a new position. The bot will not enter a new position until another position is closed --manually or through an automation-- and capital becomes available in the portfolio.

Position statement

The Position statement lists all open, closed, and canceled positions. 

Screenshot of the position statement display

Error messages are displayed inside of canceled positions.

Screenshot highlighting canceled positions on the position statement

Selecting a canceled position displays the position details. The error message explains why the bot was unable to open the position. For example, the bot had $98.69 of available capital, but one share of IWM costs $194.88. Therefore, the bot did not send an order to the broker for execution.

Screenshot highlighting the error message associated with the canceled position

Bot log

You can also access error messages in the bot log. The bot log shows your bot's automation activity.

Screenshot of the bot log display

Automations that encountered an error will be displayed in the bot log with a red circle and an explanation of why the bot discontinued the automation, such as not having enough capital to open a new position. The date and time the automation failed is also listed.

Screenshot of the bot log display with the automation that generated the error message highlighted

You can hover the mouse over the error message in the log to get a brief description of the error

Screenshot highlighting the bot log error message hover detail

You can also select the automation to see precisely where the bot encountered an error.

Screenshot highlighting the automation editor criteria resulting in the error message


Error messages are also displayed in the notifications.

Screenshot highlighting the location of the notification icon

Notifications list all automation activity, including any time a bot encountered an error. As with the bot log and position statement, you can select an automation to view the decision criteria’ details.

Screenshot of a bot's notification display

Capital allocation limits are set in a bot’s global settings. Bot capital allocation limits are calculated at position entry. You can always edit a bot’s global settings. Select the gear icon on the homepage and choose “Settings.”

Screenshot highlighting the gear icon for global settings

Here you can change the amount of capital that is allocated to the bot. Be aware that increasing the allocation limit increases capital exposure. 

Screenshot of the global settings display with allocation highlighted

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What does the "Not enough capital" error mean?

A bot has placed a trade and found there were not sufficient funds available to cover the position. Although there may be enough capital allocated to the bot for a trade, some of that capital may already be in use for other opened trades. See the "Capital" section of the bot's "Dashboard" for a description of currently available funds.

Where can I change my allocated capital for a bot?

You can change a bot’s capital allocation under its "Settings", found in the drop-down gear menu next to its On/Off switch. This icon is in the upper-right area on the bot's page.

Should I always allocate more capital to a bot just to clear the "Not enough capital" error?

Allocating more capital will only affect new trades placed by a bot. Trades that have encountered the "Not enough capital" error will remain with a bot and appear in its Positions tab. These will be indicated with an "error" status and must be cleared manually. You can remove errors by selecting the position, then clicking on “Cancel Position” in the upper-right on the trade's details display.

Error status positions count in the total number of positions allowed for a bot. This may prevent new positions from being entered until they are cleared. Error status positions do not count in the limit of total positions opened per day.

What is the minimal amount of capital I can assign to a bot?

Bots require a minimum capital allocation of $500.

How do I know if I have allowed enough capital for a bot?

Seeing a trade filled successfully is an indication that enough capital was available. Failure of the trade to fill will be shown in the bot's Log tab. The trade’s failure to fill will also be indicated under the bot's Positions tab marked with "error" status. The error will need to be "canceled" for it to be removed from your active positions tab.

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