Open Position

The open position action gives you complete control over how and when a position is opened inside the autotrading platform.
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Do I have the opportunity to approve an order before it gets sent to my broker?

No. Once an open position action is triggered, an order is immediately sent to your broker for execution.

What happens if my bot attempts to open a position, but there is not enough capital in my brokerage account?

If your bot attempts to open a position, but your account does not have enough capital, an "error" will generate, and this will reflect in the Position Statment and Bot Log as an "error.” You will then need to cancel the error and take corrective action to ensure the error does not occur again.

Can I create custom inputs for the "Open Position" action?

Yes, you can create specific custom inputs for open position actions, including the strike price, expiration, and more.

Can I customize the strikes, expiration, and legs of a new position I want to open?

Yes, you have complete customizable control of your open position actions for options positions.