Opened Positions

The Position Statement displays all active open positions with a detailed position history.

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How many open positions can I have at a time in a bot?

Each bot is limited to a maximum of 10 open positions.

Why is a position that was not filled showing up in my Positions tab?

A position that cannot fill for any reason will show up in your Position Statement as an "error,” forcing you to take action and acknowledge the error.

Can I still open and manage positions through my normal brokerage platform?

Yes, you can still open and manage positions directly within your brokerage platform and outside of the Option Alpha bot platform. You will not have tracking capabilities or position monitoring of any type within the bot platform for a position opened outside the platform.

Can I manually open positions anytime inside a bot?

Yes, you can always open or close positions within your bot at any time using a variety of different methods. These open and closed positions will be part of the Bot Log and factor into the overall P&L.

How will I get notified of positions opening?

All open and close position action notifications are delivered inside the bot platform. You can find them in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also assign a notification to a decision action.

Does my P/L include my brokerage commissions?

No, due to brokers’ wide range of commission structures, we do not take any brokerage fees into account in the bot’s overall P&L statement.

Why is one of my positions showing an "Error"?

An “error“ means that a bot was not able to take action for any number of reasons. The failed position will occupy a bot position slot by design; you are required to acknowledge the error, cancel it, and consider whether or not you want to change anything about your bot that may have caused the error. Errors include exceeding your capital allocation and position limits.

How can I see what the error is for a position?

You can view an error by selecting the position. A new window will open with the error’s cause highlighted in red at the top of the window.

How do I clear the "Error" for a position?

To clear an error position, simply click on the position in your Position Statement and select “Cancel“. This clears the position from your active positions.

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