Position History

The position history displays detailed information about positions, including opening and closing order information, P/L, and more.

Trades executed in the platform have a detailed position history. The position history is located in the Position Statement.

To view a position’s history, select the position in the Position Statement. The position’s status --open, closed, or canceled-- is listed under the ticker symbol.

Position history

The position history displays detailed information about the trade execution for active, closed, and canceled positions, including the entire order history.

A position’s history is an easy way to see everything that has happened for a specific position. The Position Statement is updated as new positions are added to a bot.

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Does position history only show the history for that particular bot?

Yes. Position histories are unique to each individual bot.

If I clone a bot does the position history get copied over?

No. Cloned bots and shared templates do not show the position history.

Can I edit or delete the position history of a bot?

No. However, you can always clone a bot and the log would start anew.

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